Water Projects

Riverside Aquatics Water Project’s objective is to promote a more sustainable and ecological environment within the private and agricultural sector.

We provide natural solutions to water treatment; through the introduction of natural bacteria to breakdown sludge and control algae, and the addition of wetland systems and constructed reedbeds to clean water either as a primary treatment for sewage and grey water or as a secondary treatment for more densely polluted water e.g. wine farms. These systems are designed to filter and purify the effluent by removing phosphates, nitrates, heavy metals and suspended solids. This prevents the run off of untreated effluent into the surrounding environment and water courses, or the purified water can be recycled and used for irrigation and other purposes.

Our intention is first to mimic nature's healing ways and second, to accelerate and enhance the process. An ecosystem is created with an ideal selection and variety of indigenous plants, specific selection of beneficial bacterias. Each chosen for their specific cleaning function or supportive role.

We work alongside experienced water engineers and organizations intending to make a success of their green technologies. Various man-made and natural solutions are chosen to alleviate toxic buildup and stagnancy in the soil, in plants and in water - above and below the ground. Our wetlands are affordable, beautiful, and healthy and add an abundance of bio-diverse life forms to any system.